SPINTSO Twistlock headset clean

SKU: 3010


Product features:

  • SPINTSO Twistlock headset for adapters left, right and custom molded earpieces.
  • High-end microphone and automatic noise reduction for excellent audio quality
  • Includes headset, left and right ear adapters, curved rib ear tips and black plastic clip to attach cable to jersey
  • Custom molded ear tips must be purchased separately from acoustician
  • Available as #3004 twist lock headsets with left and right ear adapters
  • Available as #3023 Microcom headsets with standard right ear adapters and universal ear molds
  • Available as #3024 LITE headsets, a semi-professional version with good speech quality and wearing comfort

Product description:

The SPINTSO Refcom HEADSET is a high-quality and versatile headset designed specifically for referees. With its innovative twistlock technology, it allows for easy fitting to the left or right ear, as well as the use of custom molded earpieces, which are available separately from the acoustician.

The headset is equipped with a high-end microphone that ensures premium audio quality. Thanks to the automatic noise reduction, distracting background noise is effectively reduced, so you can have clear and distinct communication during the game.

Included with the SPINTSO Refcom HEADSET includes the headset itself, adapters for the left and right ear, curved ribbed ear tips and a black plastic clip to attach the cable to your jersey. Please note that the custom molded ear tips must be purchased separately.

There are several options to choose from depending on your personal preferences and requirements. The #3004 Twist Lock headset gives you the flexibility to use left and right ear adapters as well as custom molded ear molds. The #3023 Microcom headset, on the other hand, comes with standard right ear adapters and universal ear molds. If you are looking for an entry-level system, we recommend the #3024 LITE headset, which offers good voice quality and wearing comfort. It can be easily upgraded later by purchasing Microcom or Twistlock headsets to meet professional requirements.

Opt for the SPINTSO Refcom HEADSET and benefit from outstanding audio quality, comfort and adaptability. This headset is the ideal choice for referees who need a reliable and professional communication solution

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