Spintso Windscreen for RefCom Headset 3.5 mm

SKU: 3012

Available again shortly!

Product features:

  • Windshield / wind sock especially for Refcom headsets
  • Protects the headset from wind noise and interference
  • Accurate fit and easy to install
  • High quality material for optimal sound transmission

Product description:

The wind sock for Refcom headsets is an essential accessory for referees who need clear and interference-free communication even in adverse weather conditions. This wind sock is specially designed for Refcom headsets and provides effective protection from wind noise and other environmental disturbances.

The windsock fits snugly and slips onto the headset quickly and easily. It fits securely and tightly without compromising the functionality or comfort of the headset. Thanks to the high-quality material, the windscreen allows for optimal sound transmission, so you can continue to ensure clear and crisp communication while gaming.

Whether in windy weather conditions or in noisy environments, the windscreen ensures that your voice is transmitted clearly and understandably. It reduces distracting background noise and wind noise, so you can fully concentrate on your refereeing.

The windscreen is a durable and long-lasting accessory. It is a cost-effective way to improve the performance and reliability of your Refcom headset and ensure that you have clear communication at all times.

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