Sport Lavit free kick spray/foam and holder

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Sport lavit free kick spray/foam REF FOAM 125ml:

  • Highly effective free kick spray for referees
  • Contents: 125 ml
  • Simple application for quick decisions
  • Supports a fair game and effective game management
  • Improves the visibility of the free kick marking

holder with clip for sports pants:

  • Practical holder with clip for referees
  • Secure attachment to the sports pants
  • Keep the free kick spray at hand during the game
  • Easily accessible without restricting freedom of movement
  • Robust construction for reliable use

Please note that this spray is classified as dangerous goods!

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Product description:

Our referee series offers you high-quality equipment to optimize your game management. The Sport Lavit Free kick spray Ref Foam in the practical 125 ml bottle is an indispensable tool for every referee. With its highly effective formula, it enables a clear and visible marking of the free kick, which leads to quick and precise decisions. The application is very simple: simply use the spray to clearly mark the free kick marking on the field. This not only contributes to a fair game, but also supports players in better recognizing the game situation.

We also offer the holder with a holding clip for comfortable and practical handling. This owner can be securely attached to your sports pants and ensures that the free kick spray is always at hand. During the game, you don't have to worry about storage - the spray is at hand in a matter of seconds without restricting your freedom of movement. The robust construction of the holder ensures reliable use over long periods of time.

Place quality and functionality with our referee equipment. The Sport Lavit Free kick spray and the keeper with a holding clip are the perfect combination to make your game management more efficient and professional. Leave yourself to highly effective products that support you in every game - for a successful game season full of exciting decisions.

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