TIME TIMER table clock medium with magnets

SKU: 3055
By Robo


Product features:

  • TIME TIMER table clock, dimensions: 18 x 18 cm
  • Visible display of the remaining time
  • Clear and easily recognizable "red disk
  • Ideal for use in sports, seminars and courses
  • Easy operation and setting of the time
  • Alarm signal when time expires
  • Adjustment of time during expiration possible
  • Durable construction for long-lasting use
  • B-goods
    Tested and cleaned. In original packaging.
    Product in mint condition

Product description:

The TIME TIMER table clock is a revolutionary tool for making time visible. With this unique clock, you no longer have to look at conventional clocks to see the elapsed time. Instead, the remaining time is visualized by a clearly visible "red disc". There is no comparable medium that can better represent the abstract concept of "time" or even the elapsing time than the TIME TIMER. This clock is ideal for use in sports, but also in seminars and courses.

The operation of the TIME TIMER is very simple. You set the red disc counterclockwise to the desired time. As the time passes, the red disc becomes smaller and smaller until it finally disappears completely. At this moment, a short alarm signal sounds to indicate that the time has elapsed. It is also possible to move the red disc during the elapse and adjust the set time. By handling the TIME TIMER with care, you can extend its service life and benefit from its functionality in the long term.

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