Table timer big stopwatch Hanhart

SKU: 3022 W
By Hanhart

Product features:

  • Two timers selectable: 1/10 second or 1/100 minute.
  • Functions: Start, stop, reset, addition, flyback, countdown with adjustable alarm sound
  • Two timers fully programmable with separate or common start/stop operation
  • Time of day display
  • Dimensions: 17.5 cm height

Product description:

The table timer large stopwatch Hanhart Prisma 200 in bright white is a versatile and powerful tool for precise time management. With its extensive functions and user-friendly operation, it is the ideal choice for referees and sports enthusiasts.

With this desktop timer, you can choose between two timer options: 1/10 second or 1/100 minute. You have the flexibility to choose the accuracy you want for your timings, depending on the requirements of your activity.

The desktop timer offers various functions such as start, stop, reset, add, flyback and count down with an adjustable alarm sound. You can program the timers individually and either start and stop them separately or together. These functions allow you to take multiple timings at the same time and keep track of them.

In addition to the timer functions, the Prisma 200 desk timer also has a display of the time of day. So you not only have your time measurements in view, but also a reliable indication of the time.

With a height of 17.5 cm, this desk timer is highly visible and easy to use.

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