Training hurdles 6-Set

SKU: 6083
By b+d

Product properties:

  • Ergonomically shaped training hurdles
  • Flexible, frosted PVC material
  • Width approx. 46 cm - height 15 cm

Product description:

Our training hurdles 6-Set offers you the ideal equipment to improve your sporting skills and to bring your performance to a new level. The ergonomically shaped training hurdles have been specially developed for training units and convince with their high quality.

Made made of flexible and breakproof PVC material, the training hurdles offer a reliable and durable solution for your training. They are durable and also withstand intensive stress. Regardless of whether you are a beginner, advanced or professional, these hurdles are suitable for anyone who wants to improve their athletic skills.

With a width of approx. 46 cm, the training hurdles offer enough space for effective training. They enable you to train speed, jumping power, coordination and mobility. By overcoming the hurdles, you not only improve your physical performance, but also your technical skills.

The 6-seater set with a height of 15 cm is perfect for beginners and for exercises where lower hurdle heights are required.

The training hurdles are easy to set up and can be adjusted as required. They are light and can be easily transported and stored. Whether in the gym, on the sports field or in your own garden - the training hurdles are versatile and can be seamlessly integrated into your training program.

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