Replacement tap for IGLOO Beverage container

SKU: 081805

Product features:

  • Compatible with models: 2014, 2017, 2030, 42026, 42115
  • High quality and durable material
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Leak proof cap for clean and convenient pouring
  • Ideal for referees and sporting events

Product description:

The IGLOO Replacement Tap is the perfect solution to keep your IGLOO Beverage container back into working order. Whether you have a model item number 2014, 2017, 2030, 42026 or 42115, this tap fits perfectly and allows you to pour your drinks comfortably.

Made of high quality material, the replacement tap ensures long life and reliability. It is sturdy and can easily withstand the demands of referees and sporting events.

Installing the replacement tap is as easy as can be. Simply follow the enclosed instructions and you can quickly and easily attach it to your IGLOO beverage container. Once the tap is installed, you can pour your drinks conveniently and cleanly.

A special feature of the IGLOO Replacement Tap is the leak-proof closure. This ensures that your drinks won't spill and you'll have controlled dispensing at all times. Whether you are serving water, sports drinks or other refreshments in your IGLOO container, this replacement tap gives you full control over the flow.

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