arcus Flush Thru cleaning concentrate

SKU: 6917

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Product properties:

  • Cleaning concentrate "Flushthru"
  • 10-liter canister
  • Biodegradable
  • Especially for marking cars, especially the I-GO glider, developed
  • Prevents color deposits on pumps, filtering, hoses and nozzles
  • Mixed ratio of 1: 7
  • 1 canister results in 80 liters of cleaning solution
  • Sufficient for approx. 50-60 cleaning
  • Only for German market

Product description:

The "Flush Thru" cleaner concentrate is the ideal solution for cleaning marker cars, especially the I-GO gliders. With this biodegradable cleaner concentrate, you can effectively avoid color deposits on pumps, filters, hoses and nozzles, which maintains your marking car's performance and efficiency.

The 10-liter canister "Flush Thru" cleaner concentrate offers you a long-lasting cleaning solution. With the mixing ratio of 1: 7, you can produce 80 liter cleaning solution from the concentrate. This means that you can carry out about 50-60 cleaning with a canister of the cleaner concentrate.

The use of the "Flush Thru" cleaner concentrate is simple. Mix the concentrate according to the instructions and fill it into the water tank of your marking car. By regularly cleaning with the "Flushhru" cleaner concentrate, you keep your device clean and free of color deposits, which ensures durability and optimal function.

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