Flag set Quadro I

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By b+d

Design bag/cover

Product features:

  • Newly developed rotating element for optimal adaptation to panning movements.
  • Largely prevents tangling of the flag
  • Plastic rod with soft grip for comfortable and secure hold
  • Flag cloth with small check pattern for good visibility
  • single
  • 1st set model: protective flag bag with velcro fastener, mesh insert and additional zipper compartment (approx. 53 x 12,5 cm) (without red and yellow card)
  • 2nd set model: protective flag bag with side zipper made of robust imitation leather (approx. 52 x 10 cm)

Product description:

The "Quadro l" linesman flag set is the perfect equipment for referees who need reliable and precise signaling. With its newly developed rotating element, the flag effortlessly adapts to any pivoting movement, allowing you to express your decisions with ease.

One of the outstanding features of this flag set is the innovative weight band, which largely prevents the flag from tangling. As a result, the flag always remains ready for use and you can fully concentrate on the game.

The plastic pole with soft-grip provides a comfortable and secure grip, allowing you to wave the flag comfortably and precisely. The flag cloth has a classic small check pattern that ensures good visibility, even during fast movements on the field.

Our "Quadro l" linesman flag set is available in two different set variations to suit your individual needs. The first variant includes a practical protective flag bag with Velcro closure, a mesh insert and an additional zippered pocket. This bag is made of durable nylon canvas and measures approx. 53 x 12.5 cm.

The second variant of the set includes a sturdy flag protective cover with a zipper on the side. This cover is made of high-quality imitation leather and has the dimensions of approx. 52 x 10 cm. It provides safe protection for your flag and allows for convenient transportation.

With the linesman flag set "Quadro l" you are well equipped to perform your duties as a referee professionally and precisely. Rely on the quality and functionality of this set.

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