Molten DOLFIN F referee whistle

SKU: 4075
By Molten

Product features:

  • Molten Dolfin F whistle with hand flip grip
  • Specially designed for soccer and handball
  • Direct high tone without ball
  • Includes the popular hand-flip grip as with the Molten VALKEEN whistle
  • Volume of 124 dB/10 cm, with 4.15 kHz & 3.67 kHz frequencies
  • 4 octaves sound

Product Description:

The Molten Dolfin F Whistle is a high quality whistle specifically designed for soccer and handball, giving you accurate and penetrating signaling. With its direct high-pitched tone produced without a ball, it provides clear and audible signals on the field.

A special feature of the Molten Dolfin F whistle is the popular hand flip-grip, which is also used with the Molten VALKEEN pipe. This innovative feature allows you to hold the whistle securely in your hand while gesturing and signaling freely. Thanks to the Flip-Grip technology, you can move the whistle to the desired position in a flash to deliver your signals precisely and effectively.

The Molten Dolfin F whistle impresses with a shrill and rich sound that can reach any area of a packed stadium. With a volume of 124 dB/10 cm and frequencies of 4.15 kHz & 3.67 kHz, it produces a clear and audible tone that will help you emphasize your authority as a referee and control the action.

In addition to the whistle, this set comes with three different sizes of flip grip (18 mm, 20 mm and 22 mm), so you can choose the right size for your individual needs.

Please note that for hygienic reasons whistles without or with opened packaging are excluded from exchange.

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