flexible element for corner poles

SKU: 6608
By Liski


Product features:

  • Flexible module for corner poles
  • Special joint for flexibility in all directions
  • Self righting
  • Available for Ø 40 mm or Ø 50 mm corner poles

Product description:
The element is an innovative accessories for corner poles that offers you even more flexibility and versatility. With the special flexible joint your corner poles become flexible in all directions.

Regardless of whether it is uneven terrain, tight curves or other challenges, the flexible module enables you to flexibly adjust your corner poles. The joint reacts to pressure and enables the pole to move in different directions without losing stability.

The module is available in two sizes depending on the diameter of your corner poles. You can choose between Ø 40 mm and Ø 50 mm to ensure that the module fits perfectly on your poles.

With this module, you expand the possible uses of your corner poles and increase the flexibility in marking playing fields or other areas.

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