FOX 40 Flex Coil

SKU: 4047 B
By FOX40


Product properties:

  • Multiple usable flex coils made of high quality plastic
  • Flexible and comfortable accessories for wrist or arm
  • Made with durable material and feedback
  • Including brass ring
  • Available in 10 colors

Product description:

The FOX "Flex-Coil" are a practical and versatile accessories for referees. Made made of high quality plastic with a special return function, these flex coils offer optimal flexibility and convenience. Regardless of whether you attach them to the wrist or arm, they easily adapt to your movements without restricting yourself in your activities.

These flex coils can be used several times and are made of durable material, which also maintains its shape even when used intensively. You can use them again and again without losing elasticity or quality. Each flex coil is delivered with a brass ring that ensures simple and safe attachment.

Another big advantage of the FOX "Flex-Coil" is the large selection of colors.

Say goodbye to the conventional and uncomfortable fastening methods and use the FOX "Flex-Coil" as your new, practical and flexible accessory. Stay focused and concentrated during the game or competition without disruptive or uncomfortable bracelets.

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