Fox 40 Flexxguard mouthguard

SKU: A1015
By FOX40


Product properties:

  • Highly resounding advanced EVA material
  • Integrated clip system with tear-off line
  • Bispads for additional shock absorption and optimal hold
  • Fit through boil-and-bite technology
  • including storage box
  • Latex -free
  • selectable: junior or senior

Product description:

The FlexXguard is the perfect solution for everyone who is looking for reliable and comfortable protection. With its high-impact EVA material, it offers exceptional resistance and durability. Regardless of whether you are in an intensive sports game or face everyday challenges, the FlexXguard is ready to protect you.

Another feature of the FlexXGuard is your practical clip system with tears. You can safely attach the FlexXguard and at the same time enjoy unlimited freedom of movement. This system not only ensures your safety, but also your comfort while wearing. The FlexXGuard is equipped with biampades that offer increased shock absorption and enable them to hold a superior. No matter how hard the impact is, you can rely on it to protect your teeth and offer them a secure grip.

The adaptation of the FlexXguard to your individual needs is a child's play thanks to the innovative boil-and-bit technology. Simply dip the mouthpiece in hot water, let it cool and then take it in your mouth to adapt it to your teeth. As a result, it sits perfectly and offers you optimal comfort while wearing.

For storing and more comfortable transports, each model is delivered with a practical, compact storage bag. Another advantage of the FlexXguard is its latex freedom. As a result, it is also safe and suitable for people with latex allergies.

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