Fox 40 Gripguard mouthguard

SKU: A1021
By FOX40


Product properties:

  • High stroke EVA material
  • Strapless design
  • Bispads for shock absorption and hold
  • Adaptable fit through boil-and-bit technology
  • Compact storage bag included
  • Latex -free
  • Models: Junior or Senior

Product description:

The Fox 40® GripGuard offers you the ultimate protection for your teeth. Made from high-impact EVA material, the Grippguard is extremely resistant and durable.

A special feature of the flu guards is your strobse design. You don't need straps to secure them safely. The Strapless design offers you maximum freedom of movement and extraordinary comfort. You can fully concentrate on your activities without having to worry about a safe hold.

The flu guard is equipped with biampades that offer additional shock absorption and enable them to hold a superior. No matter how intense your sports activities are, it effectively protects your teeth and gives you a safe grip.

Thanks to the innovative boil-and-bit technology, the GripGuard can be individually adjusted. Simply dip the mouthpiece in hot water, let it cool and then take it in your mouth to adapt it to your teeth. As a result, the Griiguard sits perfectly and offers you optimal comfort while wearing.

For storing and safe transportation, every mouth protection is supplied with a compact storage bag.

Another advantage is freedom of latex. It is also safe and suitable for people with latex allergies.

The flippguard is available in two models: Junior Strapless and Senior Strapless.

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