FOX 40 mouthguard MASTER - strapless

SKU: 4072
By FOX40

Product features:

  • FOX40 Mouthguard MASTER transparent
  • Supplied in a storage box
  • One size / universal size
  • Made of Ateva ® soft EVA polymer material
  • Protection for all sports and age groups
  • Firm fit to prevent shock from bumps and impacts
  • Provides comfort and flexibility
  • Adjustable by heating in hot water
  • Latex free
  • Read instructions before first use
  • Excluded from exchange for hygienic reasons

Product description:

The FOX40 MASTER transparent mouthguard provides reliable protection during the game. This mouthguard is supplied in a practical storage box, which allows hygienic storage and protects the mouthguard from damage.

The mouthguard has a one size fits all sports and age groups. It is made of high quality Ateva ® soft EVA polymer material that provides a snug fit and helps prevent concussions from bumps and knocks. The mouthguard is both comfortable and flexible, making it comfortable to wear during play.

To ensure an optimal fit, the mouthguard can be warmed in hot water. This allows it to optimally adapt to the bite and permanently retain its shape. Before first use, please be sure to read the enclosed instructions for use to fit and use the mouthguard correctly.

The FOX40 MASTER transparent mouthguard is latex-free and therefore offers a suitable option for people with latex allergies. However, please note that for hygienic reasons the exchange of the mouthguard is excluded.

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