Fox 40 Raceguard mouthguard

SKU: A1043 GR
By FOX40


Product properties:

  • Colors: 3 colors to choose from
  • Highly resilient advanced EVA technology
  • Fastening: Strapless (without straps)
  • Bite pads: additional shock absorption, superior support and protection
  • Boil and bite technology: individual adjustment
  • Compact locking etui orange
  • Latex -free
  • Available in junior and senior
  • Applications: ideal for rugby, snowboarding, skiing and other contact sports
  • Supports the contact of the teeth with the bite area
  • --Discontinued Model--

Product description:

Immerse yourself in the world of protection and performance with the Fox40 Mouth protection raceguard. This advanced mouth protection stands for innovation and security in a dynamic combination. Available in three impressive colors, the Fox40 Mouth protection raceguard not only an accessory, but an essential companion for demanding sports.

Made with highly resilient progressive EVA technology, the Fox40 Mouth protection raceguard a superior shock absorption and thus protects your teeth and jaws from the effects of intensive activities. Thanks to the Strapless Design, you don't have to worry about straps or fortifications - the mouth protection adapts naturally and at the same time offers excellent hold.

The innovative Bite Pads of the Mundsprung is not only responsible for protection, but also for the improved performance. They absorb bumps and offer a superior grip to ensure that the mouth protection stays in every situation. The Boil and Bite Technology enables individual adjustment, so that the mouth protection fits perfectly with its mouth shape and thus offers maximum comfort.

For maximum convenience, the Fox40 Mouth protection raceguard delivered with a compact locking case. This case not only protects your mouth protection in a striking orange, but also ensures that you always have it at hand. Ideal for rugby, snowboarding, skiing and other contact sports, the texture of the mouth protection supports the contact of your teeth with the bite area and thus enables better control and performance.

Choose Junior Strapless and Senior Strapless from the available models to the perfect Fox40 Mouth protection raceguard to find your needs. This is more than just a mouth protection - it is your guarantee of protection, comfort and performance during your most demanding sporting adventure.

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