Free kick wall PROFI

SKU: 3200
By Liski

Product features:

  • 5 sturdy standing dummies with spring flex mechanism
  • Reinforced, heat-, cold- and UV-resistant ABS plastic
  • Each dummy with 2 steel spikes for safe standing
  • Dimensions including ground spikes: approx. 175 x 53 cm
  • Suitable for grass pitches
  • Optional with trolley #3205 or stand #3252 for use on all surfaces
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Product description:

The Free Kick Wall Profi is an indispensable tool for coaches to improve training and game play. With its 5 sturdy standing dummies, it offers an effective way to realistically simulate free kicks and standard situations.

Each dummy is equipped with an innovative spring flex mechanism that ensures they immediately stand upright after contact. This allows for continuous and uninterrupted practice. The dummies are made of reinforced ABS plastic that is resistant to heat, cold and UV to ensure durability and resistance to the elements.

To ensure a secure stand, two steel spikes have been added to each dummy. This allows them to be easily inserted into the turf to form a sturdy and reliable free kick wall. The overall dimensions of the free kick wall including ground spikes are approx. 175 x 53 cm.

The free kick wall Profi is specially designed for grass pitches. However, if you want to train on other surfaces, you have the possibility to use the optional trolley #3205 or the stand #3252. This also makes the free kick wall ready for use and flexible for all floors.

Expand your training repertoire and improve the quality of your game with the Free Kick Wall Profi. Whether in training or during a match, it offers you the opportunity to simulate realistic free kick situations and further develop your skills as a referee or player. Invest in this high-quality training tool and increase your performance on the soccer field.

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