electronic referee paging system RPS 2156

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By ErvoCom

flag cloth

electronic referee paging system RPS 2156 - small chequered / set with 2 flags is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Product features:

  • referee paging system RPS 2156-3  - set with 3 flags
  • referee paging system RPS 2156-2  - set with 2 flags
  • Increased transmission reliability and range optimization due to new high-end transceiver modules
  • Easy pairing of flags and pagers with mutual compatibility (NEW single color)
  • Bidirectional communication between referee and assistant for increased communication security and message acknowledgement
  • Better energy efficiency due to lower power consumption
  • Signaling pitch and volume individually adjustable for each flag
  • Three different pitches of the pager with two volume levels
  • Freely expandable system up to 10 flags
  • Receiver with different tone and vibration signal for SR assistant 1+2
  • Acoustic battery check and optical battery status display during the game
  • Automatic switch-off of the receiver after 50 minutes without radio signal
  • Robust hard rubber housing with plastic base plate for the receiver
  • Power source: standard 9 volt block battery
  • Flags with original b+d flag cloth and rotating element
  • Special soft grip for weatherproof grip and noticeable vibration in the handle
  • Power source: standard 9 volt block battery
  • Carrying/protective bag included
  • Repairs on request

Product description:

The Referee Paging System RPS 2156 is a state-of-the-art radio paging system designed specifically for referees and assistants to improve communication during the game. With new high-end transceiver modules, this system offers increased transmission reliability and optimized range.

The system allows for easy pairing of flags and pagers that are compatible with each other. NEW single-color pairing facilitates connection establishment and ensures smooth communication between referees and assistants. Bi-directional communication enables increased communication security and message acknowledgement.

The system provides better energy efficiency with lower power consumption. The pitch and volume can be adjusted individually for each flag to ensure optimal signaling. The pager has three different pitches and two volume levels.

The system is freely expandable and supports up to 10 flags to meet the needs of different game environments. The receivers provide different tone and vibration signals for SR Assistant 1 and 2. An audible battery check at power-up and a visual battery status indicator during the game ensure reliable power supply and inform you about the battery status. To save energy, the receiver automatically switches off after 50 minutes without a radio signal.

The receiver is encased in a rugged hard rubber housing with a plastic base plate for durability and longevity. Power is supplied by a standard 9-volt block battery, which can be easily replaced.

The included flags feature an original b+d flag cloth with rotating element, which allows for clear and highly visible signals. Thanks to the special soft grip handle system, the flags provide a weatherproof grip and a noticeable vibration to enhance feedback during play. Again, power is provided by a standard 9-volt block battery.

The system comes complete with a convenient carrying and protective case for easy transport and storage. If necessary, we are also available for repairs to ensure that your radio plume system is always ready for use.

With the Referee Paging System RPS 2156  you are ideally equipped to improve communication between referees and assistants and support the smooth running of the game. Benefit from increased transmission security, individual setting options and reliable performance that allows you to work professionally and effectively at every match.

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