Handball Coach-Board Professional

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By b+d


Product features:

  • Stable aluminum frame with corner reinforcement for in and outdoor
  • Plastic playing field (PE) including magnetic player rates
  • Contains 2 board markers and dry cleaners
  • Size: 45 x 30 cm

Product description:

The Coach Board Professional for Handball is an indispensable tool for coaches and referees to plan and communicate tactical moves. With its stable aluminum frame and the corner reinforcement, it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

The Coach Board's plastic field (PE) offers a smooth surface on which you can visualize your moves. The supplied magnetic player rates enable you to present and change the positions of the players easily and flexibly. With the 2 board markers you can write down moves, tactics and comments directly on the board.

In order to keep the coach board clean and ready for use, a dry cleaner is included. With this you can easily remove the markings and prepare the field for new analyzes and planning.

With a size of 45 x 30 cm, the Coach Board Professional offers enough space to clearly and clearly present tactical information. It is handy and easy to transport so that you can easily take it to training units or games.

The coach Board Professional for handball is also available as a practical set that includes a suitable bag. The bag not only offers a comfortable storage option for the coach board, but also enables easy transport to training units and games.

With your bag you can safely stow the coach board and protect against damage. The robust construction of the bag ensures reliable storage and keeps the board protected from external influences.

The Coach Board Professional for Handball is the ideal tool to coach your team and develop tactical strategies. Regardless of whether you are an experienced trainer, an up -and -coming coach or a referee, this board supports you in improving your game analyzes and optimizing your communication.

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