SPINTSO Replacement adapter set for Refcom

SKU: 3021

Available again shortly!

Product features:

  • Replacement adapter set in black
  • Suitable for Refcom system
  • Suitable for Microcom and Twistlock headsets with universal adapter
  • Contains 4 different sizes

Product description:

The Replacement Adapter Set for Refcom is the ideal solution if you need additional or new adapters for your Refcom system. The set contains a total of 4 different adapters in the color black.

The adapters are suitable for Microcom and Twistlock headsets with the universal adapter (also known as Generic Adapter). With this set you have the possibility to adjust the size of the adapter to your individual needs. This ensures an optimal fit and a secure fit.

The black adapters are not only functional, but also look appealing. They fit seamlessly into the design of your Refcom system and provide a professional look.

Changing the adapters is simple and straightforward. You can easily replace the existing adapters with the new ones and quickly get your headset ready for use again.

Say goodbye to mismatched or worn adapters and go for the replacement adapter set for Refcom. With 4 different sizes, you're sure to find the perfect adapter for your needs.

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