Marking and training cones

SKU: 6030
By Liski


Product features:

  • Marking and training cone with perforation
  • Additional multifunction notification at the top
  • Colors: red and yellow

Product description:

Our marking and training cones are the perfect tools to make your training more effective and versatile. With your perforation and the additional multifunctional notification at the top, you offer numerous options for various exercises and markings.

The marking and training cones are provided with practical perforation, which enables them to effortlessly stack and transport them. As a result, they are space -saving and easy to use. You can easily keep a larger number of bowling and place them quickly and easily on the training center or in the hall.

The additional multifunctional notification at the top of the cones opens up even more options for your training. For example, you can use them to securely attach hurdles, poles or other training equipment and thus design various exercises and course. This increases the versatility of your training opportunities and improve the coordination, speed and mobility of your athletes.

The marking and training cones are available in bright red and yellow. These colors ensure good visibility and enable them to set precise markings. You can use the cones for different purposes as required, be it to identify practice areas, to mark running paths or to design playing fields.

The cones are made of high quality and hard -wearing material that is durable and robust. They are suitable for use both indoors and outdoors and withstand the requirements of the training.

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