Stopwatch Stoptec 1 black

SKU: 3001 S

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Product features:
  • Affordable and shockproof model
  • Quartz controlled clock with various functions
  • Display of time in 12/24 hour format
  • Date display for additional functionality
  • Alarm function for versatile use
  • Stopwatch with split function for precise timing
  • Color: Black

Product description:

The stopwatch 'Stoptec l' in elegant black is an affordable yet high-quality model designed specifically for use in various sports. With its shock-resistant design, you can count on this stopwatch to withstand the rigors of your workout or competition.

This quartz controlled stopwatch offers you a variety of features to help you keep time and stay organized. You can display the time in 12-hour or 24-hour format, depending on your personal preferences. The date display allows you to keep track of important dates.

The alarm function allows you to be reminded of specific times, be it for workout sessions, breaks or other events. You can also use the stopwatch with the split function to accurately record split times. The 1/100-second accuracy ensures precise timing, whether you're training, competing, or just going about your daily life.

The stopwatch 'Stoptec l' is finished in classic black, giving it a timeless and professional appearance. It is an indispensable tool for athletes, coaches, referees or anyone who needs accurate timing. Rely on the reliability and functionality of this stopwatch to optimize your performance and achieve your goals.

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