referee set Original

SKU: 4000
By b+d


Product features:

  • Referee set with different filling options
  • Available as a football set in German, English, Dutch and Swedish.
  • Available as a handball set in German, English and French
  • Alternatively available as blank folder
  • Compact dimensions of 15 x 19 cm when closed

Product description:

The referee set is the ultimate accessory for referees who are active in soccer or handball. It offers you a variety of filling options to meet your specific needs.

For football available in German, English, Dutch and Swedish. For handball available in English, German and French. Whether you are involved in an international soccer match or a local tournament, you will always have the right utensils at hand to make clear decisions.

Alternatively available as an empty pouch. This offers you the possibility to organize your own materials and notes and have them handy. The compact dimensions of 15 x 19 cm when closed make the folder lightweight and practical for transport.

Whether you choose the filled version of the referee set or the empty folder, you will receive a high-quality product that will help you effectively perform your duties as a referee.

With the referee set, you will be well prepared to confidently officiate games in various sports.

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