Spintso Referee Smartwatch S1 PRO

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Product features:

  • Smart referee watch with the latest technology.
  • Classic design combined with versatile functions
  • USB charging for convenient charging
  • GPS function for accurate tracking
  • Blood pressure measurement and heart rate function
  • Pedometer for activity monitoring
  • Vibration at start, stop, game pauses and game end
  • One-button control for easy operation
  • Touchscreen lock in case of rain or moisture
  • Two pro modes and one youth mode
  • Individually configurable game settings
  • Classic Spintso-design with three clocks in one display
  • Youth game mode with direct goal detection
  • Interval training and training programs
  • Notifications from your phone
  • GPS and heart rate measurement for running, cycling, walking, etc.
  • App notifications for additional functions
  • Charging time of 2 hours for 100% battery charge
  • Battery life of 10-15 days in standby mode
  • Battery life of 3-4 days with regular use
  • Up to 12 hours of battery life when playing games and using the always-on display without GPS
  • Up to 5.5 hours of battery life when playing games and using Always-On Display with GPS function
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Product description:

1. download the Spintso-app or open it.
Install the update and make sure you have at least 50% battery.
Sync your app with your S1 PRO Smartwatch.
Click on "Fix Font" on your watch.
5. enjoy using the 37 new functions of your Spintso Watch

The smartest referee watch in the world just got smarter!

With the classic design and the latest technology, the Spintso® S1 Pro referee watch offers you a versatile and user-friendly experience. Based on feedback from referees in various sports, we have added numerous features to ensure this watch meets your needs in the best possible way. The long-awaited USB charging function allows you to conveniently charge the watch.

The Spintso® S1 Pro referee watch has a wide range of features, including GPS, blood pressure measurement, heart rate measurement, pedometer and all the appreciated functions of previous models in a modernized version. Of course, the vibration at the start of the game, end of the game and pauses in the game remains. This means that you as a referee do not need an additional watch for the game, everyday life or training.

Thanks to the match function, the touchscreen is automatically locked as soon as a match is started. The one-button control allows you to start, pause and stop the game without the screen being affected by rain or moisture. We have found this to be a great advantage. Compared to our older model where you had to hold the button down for a few seconds to pause the time, with this new model you just need to press the button twice to pause or stop the game faster. This new feature makes it much easier for you to operate as a referee.


During the game

One-button control, vibration display. You don't have to worry about the watch not working in rain or humidity - when the game is started, the touch screen will be locked.

Two pro and one youth modes
- Individual and configurable game settings
- Presented in the classic Spintso-design, where you see three clocks in one. Game clock that counts down (countdown), a clock that shows the extra time and a clock that shows the total time.

Youth mode
- Goals are more frequent in youth games and in this mode you can record goals for each team directly in the clock. You can track the score more easily

Outside a match

- Interval training
- Training program
- Messages notifications from your phone
- App notifications
- Running, cycling, walking and other activities with GPS and heart rate function
- Pedometer


Connect your Spintso Referee Watch S1 Pro with our app! Download the app from the App Store or Google Play. After "Spintso Watch", download and install.

App Features

- See where and how you ran during the game in a map view
- Track your activities
- View your steps and heart rate for the day or get an overview of your activity
- Track your workout session, such as your last run, and see distance, elevation, calories, heart rate monitor and more
- Get an overview of your sleep and blood pressure
- Event log - records all activities when you press the button during the game and you can see in which minute of the game you stopped the watch

Hardware features

- Full GPS, which allows for fast and accurate tracking
- Heart rate monitor
- Blood pressure monitor
- Pedometer
- Activity tracking and training programs
- Message reminder
- App notifications

Charging time - 2 hours to charge 100%.
Battery life:
10-15 days in standby
3-4 days with regular use

With games and use of the always on display - no GPS - 12h
With games and use of Always on Display - with GPS - 5,5h

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