assistant referee flag Club II

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By b+d


Product features:

  • Secure soft grip for better hold
  • Available with flag cloth in neon red or neon yellow


The assistant referee fFlag (Linesman Flag) Club ll is an indispensable tool for assistant referees to give precise and clear signals during football matches. The high quality flag is equipped with a soft grip for a secure hold and comfortable handling.

The soft-grip material feels comfortable in your hand and allows you to hold the flag firmly, even in difficult weather conditions or intense game action. With this ergonomic grip you have full control over your flag and can send clear signals.

The Club ll assistant flag is available in two eye-catching color options: neon red or neon yellow. These bright colors ensure that your signals are highly visible, both to the players on the field and to the other officials and spectators.

The flag cloth is made of high quality and durable material that can withstand the rigors of the football match. It is light weight yet highly visible, so your movements are clearly visible to help make match decisions.

With the flag you are well equipped to fulfill your duties as an assistant referee professionally and reliably.

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