DIGI Stopwatch 60 Memory PC 91

SKU: 1215

Product features:

  • Three-line display for simultaneous display of lap, split and running time.
  • Storage of lap and split times as well as end times for later analysis
  • Ideal for training with groups
  • Reliable DIGI pressure point system for precise measurements
  • Additional functions: 24h time display with date and alarm, dual timer

Product description:

The DIGI-PC-91 [60 Memory] stopwatch is the ideal tool for ambitious coaches and referees. With its three-line display, you can simultaneously read lap, intermediate and running time, which allows for precise timing and efficient organization.

The stopwatch has a memory function that allows you to record lap times, split times, and finish times for later analysis. This is especially useful for documenting and evaluating training or competition runs. You can use the stored data to monitor the performance of your athletes and identify improvements.

With the DIGI-PC-91 [60 Memory] stopwatch, you can also optimize training with groups. The clear display of different times allows easy organization and control of several people at the same time.

Of course, the stopwatch is equipped with the proven DIGI pressure point system, which ensures error-free measurements. You can rely on precise and reliable time measurements to make informed decisions.

In addition to the basic functions of a stopwatch, the PC-91 offers other practical features. It has a 24-hour time display with date and alarm function to help you with your time planning. The dual timer allows you to use two separate timers simultaneously, which is especially useful for complex training and competition scenarios.

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