TAKTIFOL wiping/cleaning cloth

SKU: 6328
By b+d

Product properties:

  • Tactifol wiping/cleaning cloth
  • Specially developed for cleaning tactifol foils
  • High quality material for thorough and gentle cleaning
  • Dimensions: depending on the execution
  • Practical and indispensable accessories for referees

Product description:

The tactifol wiping/cleaning cloth is an indispensable accessories for referees who use tactifol foils. It was specially developed to enable thorough and gentle cleaning of the foils so that they always remain in the best condition.

With this high -quality wiping you have the perfect tool at hand to remove dirt, fingerprints and other residues from the tactifol foils. The material of the cloth is particularly gentle and does not leave any scratches or streaks on the surface.

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