Pencil with retaining clip and eraser

SKU: 4006
By b+d

Product features:

  • High quality pencils for referees
  • Ideal tool for recording scores and notes
  • Robust construction with long durability
  • Precise lead for clear and distinct writing

 Product description:

Referee pencils are essential tools for effective game management and note taking. With their high-quality construction, they offer long-lasting durability and accurate writing performance.

The sturdy construction of the pencils ensures that they can withstand the demanding conditions on the field. Whether it's raining or the temperatures are extreme, these pencils will remain reliable and ready for use.

The precise lead of the pencils allows for clear and crisp writing. This allows you to quickly and easily record scores, time penalties or other important information. The pencils are equipped with a convenient eraser end cap to easily correct any mistakes or changes.

Referee pencils are the perfect choice to streamline your game management and record all important information. Rely on their quality and durability to stand you in good stead for every game.

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