Taktistick Dry Wipe

SKU: 6326 R
By b+d


Product properties:

  • Dry wipable markers for tacti foils
  • Available in the colors black, red, green and blue

Product description:

With the Tactistick Marker "Dry Wipe", referees have the perfect tool at hand to wipe tactical foils dry and record new moves or instructions. This high -quality marker was specially developed for use in the referee system and convinces with its functionality and versatility.

The tactist marker "Dry Wipe" is available in four different colors, namely black, red, green and blue. This enables referees to mark and organize their tactical foils according to their preferences and requirements. The different colors make it possible to highlight certain moves or actions or to mark different teams or player groups.

Thanks to the dry -wiping properties of the marker, referees can make changes or corrections quickly and easily. Simply wipe the tactical film with a dry cloth or a soft sponge, and she is ready for new notes or instructions. The tactist marker "Dry Wipe" leaves no residues or stains, so that the tactical foils always remain clean and ready for use.

The ergonomic form of the marker ensures pleasant and precise handling. It lies well in his hand and enables referees to capture their thoughts quickly and clearly on the tactical foils.

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