Reversible card 3 in 1 FLIP

SKU: 4058
By b+d

Product features:

  • For all 3 disciplinary measures (yellow, yellow/red, red) only 1 card left.
  • Simply fold over and yellow becomes red
  • PVC double foil with velcro dot fixation
  • High signal effect
  • Outside neon-yellow, inside neon-red coated
  • Corners rounded
  • Dimensions: 9 x 12 cm (closed)

Product description:

With the Reversible 3 in 1 'Flip' Red-Yellow Card, referees have all the important disciplinary actions at their fingertips in just one card. This innovative card makes it easy to switch between the different card colors by simply flipping it over. This turns yellow into red in the blink of an eye.

The reversible card is made of high-quality PVC double foil with a Velcro dot fixation that ensures the card is held securely together. Due to the high signal effect of the neon-yellow outside and the neon-red coating on the inside, the card is clearly visible even from a distance and conveys clear messages.

The rounded corners of the card prevent injuries and ensure safe handling. With its compact dimensions of 9 x 12 cm when closed, the reversible card fits easily in your pocket or referee kit and is always ready to hand.

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