ring and finger protection

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By b+d


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Product properties:

  • B+D ring and  finger protection
  • Prevents blisters, cornea and abrasions
  • Also protects finger rings
  • Made from 100% neoprene

Product description:

The B+D ring and finger protection is the ideal solution to optimally protect your fingers during sports. Regardless of whether you are a referee or play football, basketball, tennis or another sport, this finger protection offers reliable protection against blisters, cornea and abrasions. You no longer have to fall back on paving or tapes, because the B+D finger protection is easy to use and offers effective upholstery.

Made from high-quality neoprene, finger protection offers a soft, yet durable layer that protects your fingers from friction and pressure. Simply pull the finger protection over the stressed finger and it sits comfortably and safely. Thanks to the elastic material, it adapts perfectly to the shape of your fingers and enables unrestricted freedom of movement.

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