custom-made earpiece

SKU: 3002

custom-made earpiece is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Art # 3002 - individually custom made earpiece only matches # 3004 or # 3060:

  • Individually adapted earpiece in 3D
  • State -of -the -art technology for production
  • Offers maximum comfort and optimal performance with the Spintso Refcom communication system
  • Simple ordering process with free shipping of the ear impression
  • Processing time of about 3-4 weeks

Thats how it works:
1. Order the earpiece, stating the ear side (left or right)

2. After ordering within the next working day, you will receive a DHL mark for the free sending of the ear impression by email

3. Let yourself be made with your local hearing aid acoustician (digitally as a Stl. file or send us the hardware by post)

4. Take a photo of your facial profile (selfie from the side)

5. Send us your earprint (ear impression) as a file or hardware together with the photo (gladly also by email)

6. We have your individual earpiece in Germany made

7. As soon as it is made, we will send you the earpiece to you (currently about 3-4 weeks of processing time)

Product description:

The individually made earpiece from Spintso is the perfect solution for referees who are looking for the highest comfort and optimal performance in your REFCOM communication system. With the latest technology, the ear pass is manufactured based on your individual earprint to ensure a tailor -made fit.

The ordering process is simple and uncomplicated. They indicate whether the ear pass is needed for the left or right side and order it from us. Within the next day of work, you will receive a DHL mark by email, with which you can send the ear impression to us free of charge.

To create your individual earprint, go to your local hearing aid acoustician. There either digitally is created or you will send us the physical ear impression by post. In addition, we need a photo of your facial profile, preferably a selfie from the side. This information enables us to adapt the ear passport exactly to your anatomy.

Your individual ear pass is then made in Germany. We rely on the highest quality and precision to ensure that the ear passport fits you perfectly and offers optimal wearing comfort. Please note that the processing time for the production is about 3-4 weeks.

As soon as your individual ear pass is completed, we will send it to you immediately. You can rely on the earpiece sitting perfectly and offers you an outstanding sound experience and unrestricted freedom of movement.

Discover the comfort and performance of an individually made earpiece from Spintso. Order now and experience a tailor -made solution that is specially tailored to your needs as a referee.

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