arcus i-Line XP lawn marking paint

SKU: 6912

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Product properties:

  • i-line XP lawn marker paint white
  • New performance level at the sports field relationship
  • 5-liter canister
  • Ready -to -use marking color
  • Specially developed for the i-GO glider #0307
  • Micronized formula made of titanium dioxide
  • Contains special binders and improved, light -reflecting pigments
  • High area cover with a single passage
  • Is liable on both sides of the grass when spraying
  • Strongly reflective, exceptionally bright, white lines after drying
  • Highly rain and abrasion-resistant
  • 5-liter canister for at least 2 complete initial markings
  • Only for the German market

Product description:

Discover the new level of performance for sports fields with the I-Line XP lawn marker paint in white. This 5-liter canister offers you a ready-to-use marker that was specially developed for the I-GO Glider #0307. With this high quality marking color you achieve professional results and give your field a professional appearance.

The i-Line XP lawn marker paint is based on an innovative micronized formula that contains titanium dioxide, special binders and improved, light-reflecting pigments. When spraying, the color is liable on both sides of the grass, which leads to a high surface cover with just one pass. As soon as the color dries, the brightness increases and you get strongly reflective, exceptionally bright, white lines on your field. The I-Line XP marking color is also highly rain and abrasion-resistant, so that the lines remain clear and visible even in adverse conditions.

With a 5-liter canister of the i-Line XP lawn marker paint you can carry out at least 2 complete initial markings, which enables you to use long-lasting use. Please note that this product is only intended for the German market.

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