Wet Marking Trolley Battery 3000

SKU: 1540

with electric pressure pump 4,8 bar

Wet marking trolley with a very powerful pump (4.8 bar) powered by a strong battery (12 V, 2.1 A). It is operated by an ON/OFF switch on the guide bar and enables easiest marking of at least 6 fields.

The spraying device is located at the front in the field of vision, flexible in height and easily adjustable in the desired position over the entire width of the frame thanks to the new shifting attachment. The line width is flexibly adjustable. The trolley has 2 plastic paint containers, each with a capacity of 13 L (or optionally 19 L). Each paint container has its own discharge stopcock and can be easily removed from the frame for emptying or cleaning. The trolley has a sturdy tubular steel construction with weatherproof powder coating, all small parts are bright galvanized.

The 4 pneumatic balloon wheels, 260 x 85 mm, are mounted on ball bearings and ensure smooth running and precise lines. The guide rail is adjustable in height.

Dimensions: approx. 800 x 540 x 860 mm
Own weight: approx. 25 kg. The trolley is packed in a carton.
Basic equipment: electric pump with rechargeable battery incl. charging cable.

plus freight costs within Germany € 19,00

For outide Germany you will have to ask us first for a quotaion of freight costs. These can only be determind once all has been packed and full address is known!

Marking trolley as well as container trolley are powder coated! The production was changed to powder coating. This is a weatherproof stove enamel, which protects better against rust and corrosion! More quality for the same price!

As a leading provider of sports field equipment, we understand the importance of reliable and durable equipment. Our marker carts are designed specifically for use on the field and provide the quality and reliability you need.
A well-engineered, practical marking cart is the key to perfect sports field marking. User-friendly handling, easy cleaning and a robust design are crucial for high reliability and facilitate the daily work of a groundsman.

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Markierwagen sowie Behälterwagen sind pulverbeschichtet! Die
Herstellung wurde auf Pulverlack umgestellt. Dies ist eine wetterfeste
Einbrennlackierung, die besser gegen Rost und Korrosion schützt! Mehr
Qualität zum gleichen Preis!

Als führender Anbieter von Sportplatzausrüstung wissen wir um die
Bedeutung einer zuverlässigen und langlebigen Ausrüstung. Unsere
Markierungswagen wurden speziell für den Einsatz auf dem Spielfeld
entwickelt und bieten Ihnen die Qualität und Zuverlässigkeit, die Sie
Ein ausgereifter, praxisorientierter Markierwagen ist der
Schlüssel für eine perfekte Sportplatzmarkierung. Eine
benutzerfreundliche Handhabung, einfache Reinigung und eine robuste
Bauweise sind entscheidend für eine hohe Zuverlässigkeit und erleichtern
den Arbeitsalltag eines Platzwartes.

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