adhesive wound tape

SKU: 9680

Product features:

  • Breathable, elastic and dirt repellent
  • Reliable
  • Cut strips yourself
  • Size: length 1 m x width 8 cm
  • Made in Germany

Description of the product:

The LinaPlast wound tape is high quality and versatile, which was developed especially for referees in order to supply injuries quickly and effectively. This wound tape offers optimal properties to cover and protect minor injuries.

The tape is breathable, which means that the skin is well ventilated underneath and the natural healing process is supported. It is also elastic, which enables a comfortable adaptation to different parts of the body without restricting freedom of movement. The dirt repellent property ensures that the tape remains clean even under adverse conditions.

It is reliably glued, so that it sticks safely on the skin and does not slip. This ensures reliable protection of the wound against external influences. Thanks to the stripes, you can cut the desired size individually to adapt it to the size of the injury.

With a length of 1 meter and a width of 8 centimeters, this wound tape  offers sufficient material to supply several wounds or cover major injuries. The tape is of high quality and is manufactured in Germany.

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