TAKTIFOL tactical foil self-adhesive

SKU: 6325 FB
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Product properties:

  • Tactical foil for coaches and referees
  • 25 sheets per roll, each 60x80 cm
  • Electrostatic charge enables liability on all surfaces
  • Without residue removable and reusable several times
  • Dry wiped for simple adjustments and changes
  • Available for the following sports: FB - HB - BB - EH - RU - H and as
  • FB set consisting of: 1x roll, 2x tactistick, 1x wiping, 1x bag

Product description:

The tactical film by Tactifol is revolutionizing the daily work of coaches and referees in a brilliant and simple way. Compared to conventional tactic boards and fields of field, the tactic foil offers numerous new advantages that make your work more efficient and flexible.

With a role of tactical film, you get 25 sheets, each with the size of 60x80 cm. This spacious area enables you to present your tactics, strategies and moves in detail. The tactical film is compact and light, which makes it particularly transport -friendly, ideal for mobile use, especially for away games. You no longer need a heavy suitcase or a bulky table.

An outstanding feature of the tactical film is its electrostatic charging. As a result, it is liable on practically all surfaces such as doors, walls, wallpaper, mirroring and even walls. Simply separate an arc from the roll, attach it to the desired place and start with the tactical discussion. The tactical film can be replaced again and used several times. Thanks to these properties, the tactical film becomes a flexible and practical tool for trainers and referees.

The tactical film can be wiped dry, which means that you can easily clean them with low residues. This allows you to easily adapt and vary tactical instructions during training or game. The tactical film enables you to react quickly to changes or new situations and give your players clear instructions.

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