Referee pocket set with FIFA size diziplinary cards

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By b+d


Product features:

  • SR pocket set with high quality PVC cover
  • Discipline cards in FIFA size 7.5 x 10.5 cm
  • Contains 1x folder (8,1 x 11,0 cm)
  • Contains 1x yellow disciplinary card (7.5 x 10.5 cm)
  • Contains 1x red disciplinary card (7.5 x 10.5 cm)
  • Contains 1x foldable football match record card according to W. Kling (29.6 x 10.4 cm)
  • in German or in English

Product description:

The new b+d SR-Pocket-Set is an indispensable tool for referees, which offers you optimal support during the game. The set was developed in Germany with the highest care and quality and is 100% "Made in Germany".

The high-quality PVC cover of the set reliably protects the included disciplinary cards in FIFA size 7.5 x 10.5 cm from dirt and damage. The folder itself has a compact size of 8.1 x 11.0 cm and fits perfectly in your breast pocket or jersey pocket.

The two slanted insertion pockets at the top allow you to easily remove the yellow and red disciplinary cards during the game. So you always have quick access to these important tools to correctly punish cautions or sending offs.

The highlight of the set is the innovative foldable match note card according to W. Kling. With a size of 29.6 x 10.4 cm, it offers sufficient space for all relevant information that needs to be noted during the game. The card can be written on both sides and has a clear arrangement of the fields, which allows you to orientate yourself quickly and logically.

The match note card is optimally designed for use in the electronic match report (ESB) and meets the highest requirements in soccer match operations. It offers space for up to 7 substitutes per team, up to 20 goals per team and all other events that must be noted according to the ESB (time, type, player number, player name, personal penalties, etc.). In addition, there are fields for substitutions or up to 11 substitutions as well as for documentation of the order service.

The match note card is characterized by its clear, generous and logical structure. Colored markings facilitate quick orientation for substitutions, goals and personal penalties. The card is stable and also serves as a writing pad to ensure smooth and comfortable use.

The SR Pocket Set is suitable for both league matches and cup matches, including penalty shootouts and extra time. All writing surfaces needed in the game are easily accessible and not covered. This allows you to easily note down all important information without losing precious playing time.

The water-repellent PVC cover protects the set from wetness, be it from sweat or rain. You can rest assured that your game documents are always well protected, even in adverse weather conditions.

The compact format of the SR Pocket Set allows for easy handling. It fits easily into the breast pocket of all common referee jerseys and is easy to remove. You always have everything you need for a smooth game at hand.

The disciplinary cards, yellow and red, are integrated into the set so that they cannot fall out. Nevertheless, they can be easily removed when you need them. So you always have the possibility to show warnings or sending offs clearly.

The SR Pocket Set is completed by the foldable match note card according to Wolfgang Kling. This innovative card was developed in cooperation with experienced referees and tested in practice. It offers you the optimal basis for documenting the course of the game in detail and always maintaining an overview.

The match note card is available in several variants, including a version with a field for penalty shooting. This allows you to clearly note the results and the shooters and always have a clear overview of the course of the penalty shootout.

The SR-Pocket-Set with the foldable match note card according to Wolfgang Kling is the ideal choice for referees who value quality, functionality and clarity. With this set, you are well equipped to perform your duties on the field professionally and reliably.

Trust in the years of experience of b+d Allzweck Sportartikel, a renowned manufacturer of referee accessories. The SR Pocket Set was manufactured with the utmost care and precision in Germany and meets the highest quality standards.

Discover the SR-Pocket-Set now and experience the advantages of a compact, well-designed and high-quality referee set that will make your game easier and ensure a smooth flow on the field. Rely on quality and functionality - rely on b+d All Purpose Sporting Goods.

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