Fox 40 heat alert mouthguard

SKU: A1042
By FOX40

Product properties:
  • Color change: at a body temperature of 38.9 degrees
  • Preventive measure: Avoiding heat stroke
  • Innovative design: improved shock absorption and performance
  • Support: reduces the risk of concealing brain
  • Box: orange

Product description:

Experience the Fox40 gouthguard Heat Alert - Your ultimate line of defense for intensive sporting activities. Presented in a striking orange box, this mouth protection is more than just protective equipment. It is an advanced solution that raises your security and performance to a new level.

The outstanding innovation of the Fox40 mouthguard lies in his Heat Alert technology. This intelligent feature enables the mouth protection to change the color at a body temperature of 38.9 degrees. This visual warning not only serves as an indication of possible overheating, but also as a preventive measure to prevent heat stroke. Your health and well -being come first, and this mouth protection is your reliable companion in all sporting situations.

The innovative design of the Fox40 mouthguard aims at more than just protection. It was developed to improve shock absorption and performance. If you are in the most intense moments of the game, this mouth protection offers the support you need to access your best performance. In addition, he contributes to the prevention of conceals by absorbing and distributing the impact forces.

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