Fox 40 Smartcoach Pro Rigid Carry Board

SKU: 6306 FB
By FOX40


Product features:

  • 2-dimensional full field on the front
  • 3-dimensional half field on the back
  • Realistic colors and layouts
  • Beat -resistant plastic
  • Surfaces that can be wiped dry

Product description:

The FOX40 Smartcoach Pro Carry Board is an indispensable tool for referees in various sports such as football, handball, basketball and volleyball. With its diverse properties and functions, it enables you to bring your game management to the next level.

On the front of the board you will find a 2-dimensional full field that offers you a clear and clear presentation of the field. Here you can visualize tactics, moves and lineups to effectively support your referee job.

The back of the "Carry Board" is equipped with a 3-dimensional half-field, which gives you the opportunity to analyze specific game situations and strategies. Thanks to the realistic colors and layouts, you will receive a detailed replica of the field in order to be able to make well -founded decisions.

The board consists of impact -resistant plastic, which guarantees a long service life and also withstands the most demanding game conditions. The dry surface, which can be wiped dry, enables you to make notes, draw diagrams and simply clean the board after every game or training.

The FOX40 Smartcoach Pro "Carry Board" is delivered in the XL version and has a pre-drilled hole for easy hanging. In addition, you will receive a marker and a canvas carrier bag so that you can conveniently transport the board and store it safely.

With the dimensions of 61 x 40.5 cm, the "Carry Board" offers enough space to visualize your ideas and analyzes and professionally support your referee.

Improve your game preparation and decision -making with the FOX40 Smartcoach Pro "Carry Board" - the indispensable tool for committed referees in various sports.

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