velcro armband Spielführer - German labeling

SKU: 6064 B
By b+d



  • Adjustable Velcro fastener for an individual fit
  • Universal size: children 6x30cm,
    or juniors and seniors 8x38cm
  • Made of hard -wearing material: 80 % polyester, 20 % rubber
  • Available in the colors: blue, yellow, green, red, black
  • only available in GERMAN writing

Product description:

The Velcro armband is an indispensable accessories for every referee. With her adjustable Velcro fastener, it offers an individual fit to ensure that it sits comfortably and safely on the arm. The armband is available in two sizes to meet the different needs. The size 6x30cm is specially designed for children, while the size 8x38cm is suitable for both juniors and seniors.

Made made of high quality material, consisting of 80 % polyester and 20 % rubber, the armband is durable and durable. It easily withstands the requirements of a demanding game and maintains its shape and functionality.

In addition, the Velcro flavor is available in a variety of colors, including blue, yellow, green, red and black.

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