Shokquard Mouthguard Prolip Football

SKU: 8640 B
By FOX40



  • FOX 40 Shokguard ™ Prolip ™
  • Advanced shock absorbing polytechnology to protect against impact
  • Unique removable lip protection fits all helmets and face masks
  • Ventilation openings enable unrestricted breathing
  • Boil and bite technology for individual adjustment
  • Latex -free
  • Model: One size fits all with strap

Product description:

The Fox 40 ShokGuard is an outstanding product that offers you excellent protection against impact. With its advanced shock -absorbing polytechnology, you can be sure that your teeth and mouth are protected from hard bumps.

A unique feature of the ShokGuard is the removable lip protection that fits all helmets and face masks. This additional protection offers you additional security and protects your lips from injuries. No matter which helmet or facial mask you wear, the ShokGuard fits perfectly and offers you optimal protection.

The ventilation openings in the ShokGuard ensure unrestricted breathing. You can breathe freely as you wear the product and concentrate on your game without being impaired by limited breathing.

Thanks to the Boil and Bite Technology, you can individually adapt the ShokGuard to your needs. Simply dip the mouthpiece in hot water, let it cool and put it in your mouth to adapt it to your teeth. The ShokGuard sits perfectly and offers you a comfortable and individual seat.

The ShokGuard is latex -free and therefore also suitable for people with latex allergies. You can fully concentrate on the protection without having to worry about allergic reactions.

The one size fits all with strap ensures a universal fit for everyone. No matter what size you are, the ShokGuard with strap offers you a secure and comfortable fit.

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