trainer work book

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By b+d


Product properties:

  • B+D trainer workbook DIN A6 (14,8 x 10,5 cm)
  • Handy postcard format (DIN A6)
  • Ringbing binding for easy leaves
  • Practical for on the go or on site
  • 100 sheets with field and note pages
  • Available for football or handball

Product description:

The B+D trainer workbook in the handy DIN A6 format is the perfect tool for trainers and coaches to capture your ideas, tactics and notes. With its compact size and the practical ring book binding, it fits easily into every pocket and is therefore ideal for on the go or directly at the play or training location.

The workbook offers 100 sheets, each contain a field side and a note page. You can visualize your tactical sketches and formations on the field side. Use the opportunity to record your moves, positions and strategies directly in order to later discuss or further develop them with your team.

The workbook's note page enables you to document your thoughts, observations and analyzes. Write down important information about player performance, tactical adjustments, game analyzes or everything else that comes to mind during the game or training. The workbook serves as a practical collection of ideas and support so that you don't forget important details.

The B+D trainer workbook is available for football or handball. Whether you are a football coach who develops moves and tactics, or a handball coach who wants to record his strategies - the workbook offers you the right playing field layouts for your sport.

With the B+D trainer workbook, you always have a practical tool at hand to organize your coaching ideas and improve your training sessions. Use the field and note pages to structure your thoughts, develop your strategies and optimally prepare your players.

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