FOX 40 whistle TITAN

SKU: 4084 GO
By FOX40


Product features:

  • Premium FOX 40 dual tone titanium whistle
  • Created by FOX 40, the world's leading provider of ball-less pipe technology
  • Over 30 years of experience in sports pipe making went into the development
  • Ultra-slim, low-profile design with authentic Classic ™ sound
  • Ultimate, high performance sports and survival tool
  • Sound/sound power: 90 dB
  • Available in three exceptional colors, each in a Fox 40 gift box

Product Description:

The FOX40 'TITAN' premium whistle is the result of over 30 years of experience in sports pipe making and was developed by FOX40 the world's leading supplier of ball-less whistle technology. This whistle is a premium sports whistle and an indispensable survival tool for referees around the world.

The ultra-slim, low-profile design of the 'TITAN' whistle offers not only an attractive appearance, but also the authentic Classic ™ sound known for its high penetrating power and clarity. With a sound power of 90 dB, you can be sure that your signal will be heard even in noisy environments.

The 'TITAN' whistle is offered in three exceptional colors: Titanium, Gold and Black. Each whistle comes in a high quality Fox 40 gift box that not only provides stylish storage, but is also ideal as a gift for referees and sports enthusiasts.

For maximum comfort and safety, the 'TITAN' whistle is equipped with a reflective black paracord (66 cm) and a sturdy black metal clasp/carabiner. This means you always have your whistle handy and can wear it comfortably around your neck.

The 'TITAN' whistle is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Whether on the field, in the stadium or outdoors, this whistle will provide you with reliable sound quality and performance in any situation.

Please note that you should never whistle directly into a person's ear, as this can cause hearing damage. The safety of your fellow human beings is close to our hearts.

To ensure optimal performance, we recommend cleaning your Fox 40 whistle occasionally in a water/vinegar solution. This will keep it free of debris and ensure that it is always ready for use.

Please note that for hygienic reasons, pipes without or with opened packaging are excluded from exchange.

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