Free kick wall PRO-SOFT - Set of 5

SKU: 3210
By Liski

Product features:

  • 5 height adjustable dummies with smooth front side
  • Each dummy on 2 support bars with mechanical tilt joint
  • Dummies straighten themselves up again
  • Material: Extremely resistant, non-splintering polyurethane
  • Set consisting of 5 dummies
  • Suitable for grass courts only
  • Optional with trolley #3205 or stand #3252 for use on all surfaces
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Product description:

The Pro Soft free kick wall is the ideal training tool for clubs and their coaches to effectively train free kicks and standard situations. The set consists of 5 height-adjustable dummies, which have a smooth front side. Each dummy is mounted on 2 support rods with mechanical tilt joint, so they automatically straighten up after contact.

The dummies are made of extremely resistant and non-splintering polyurethane material. This makes them particularly durable and resistant to intensive training and different weather conditions. With a smooth front surface, they provide a realistic free kick surface for practicing precise shots and accurate placement.

The set includes 5 dummies that together form a complete free kick wall. The Pro Soft free kick wall is specially designed for grass pitches and is ideal for training sessions on this surface.

If you want to use the free kick wall on other surfaces, you have the option of using the optional trolley #3205 or the stand #3252. This also makes the free kick wall ready for use and flexible for all floors.

The height of the dummies is adjustable between approx. 183 cm and 225 cm to meet different requirements and practice scenarios. This height adjustability allows you to adapt the training to different age groups and playing levels.

Invest in the Pro Soft free kick wall and improve your free kick technique, precision and placement. Whether in training or in matches, this high-quality free kick wall gives you the opportunity to simulate realistic free kick situations and develop your skills as a player.

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